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Metal stamping is a cost-effective solution for companies requiring bulk orders of parts, as it reduces machine usage, labor requirements, and production costs compared to other methods.


Progressive dies can help eliminate costs of secondary operations

9 Stamping Presses & Coil Lines

Up to 42“ Coil Width

Up to 48” x 96” Bolster Size

Up to 300 Tons of Stamping Force

Up to 2,000 Parts per Hour for small parts

Advantage Of Metal Stamping

Our metal stamping services offer a versatile and precise solution for manufacturing metal components tailored to specific requirements. With advanced technology and precision engineering, custom metal fabrication companies can produce high-quality parts efficiently and cost-effectively. This process provides:

Cost efficiency, particularly for high-volume production runs.
Flexibility in material selection, supporting various metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.
Precision engineering, ensuring consistent quality and dimensional accuracy.
Fast turnaround times due to automated processes.
Scalability to accommodate production needs ranging from small batches to large volumes.
Reduced waste through optimized material usage and minimal scrap generation.
Rigorous quality control measures, ensuring reliability and adherence to standards.

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